Why choose Vigilo NMS ?

The completeness of the product

Vigilo NMS is a complete product. It offers all the features that can be expected today from an NMS and especially for medium or large fleets : real-time monitoring, dynamic mapping, metrology management and reporting.

Vigilo NMS services

The Vigilo NMS team can assist you in all phases of your project. You can decide to entrust us with the total realization of the "turnkey" project (Plan, Deploy, Run) or on the contrary be supported to fully appropriate the tool during its implementation (Training, Serenity and Emergency). You can also contact us for a mix of these two strategies.

Simple and competitive rates

Vigilo NMS pricing is based on the number of supervised devices on your network. Our prices are very competitive compared to equivalent solutions.

The TCO (Total Cost of Operation)

Vigilo NMS is primarily designed to facilitate the work of operators. Inspired by the ITIL method, it offers many tools to the first level operators for the industrialization of procedures. As a result, your level 1 operators work faster and more efficiently without requiring a high level of expertise. In addition, Vigilo NMS offers many advanced interfaces for investigation and trend analysis.

Unity : Security - Performance convergence

Thanks to the combination of Vigilo NMS and Prelude SIEM, we can offer you a complete and a homogeneous range to cover all the safety indicators of your company. Despite the many ISO recommendations around the CID (Confidentiality - Integrity - Availability) tryptic, the monitoring  of availability/performance is still too largely dissociated from intrusion detection. We propose you through Unity 360 a complete and coherent offer to manage "all" the company's security (availability included). This offers allows you to improve the efficiency of your management but also reduce your costs both in CAPEX (special rates on the Unity 360 package) and in OPEX with common interfaces and tools.

A complete and efficient alternative

Vigilo NMS is one of the few French and European NMS solution  to offer a powerful and complete alternative to the solutions of major US editors. Our solutions can be deployed on fleets of several thousand or even tens of thousands of equipment, just like the leaders in the NMS market, but at much lower prices.

Modularity / Adaptability / Customization

Vigilo NMS has been designed to adapt to all environments. Vigilo NMS can be installed on a single system or in distributed mode. Each macro function is available as a module (collection, detection, correlation, manager, etc.). These modules can be parallel or linked to each other. Vigilo NMS offers in addition numerous interfaces to connect to your existing system. Vigilo NMS also includes several interfaces and APIs to connect to existing tools in your NOC.

Proven efficiency

Vigilo NMS has been operating in very large and highly critical parks (banking and military infrastructure among others) since nearly 10 years. With each version, this tool has become very mature and stable. By choosing Vigilo NMS you have the quality assurance of a leading integrator of critical systems.

Vigilo NMS