Vigilo Enterprise 2013

CS announces the official release of Vigilo Pro et Entreprise 3.3.

The main novelty of this version is its new bus of communication between the various modules Vigilo.

New VigiBus leans on the standard AMQP, the standard protocol of message supported by numerous industrialists among whom: Cisco, RedHat, VMware, Microsoft, etc.

This new bus offers numerous advantages:

  • Better performances in terms of volumetry (capacity of several tens of thousands of messages per second)
  • Better optimization of the use of the bandwidth ( shorter message)
  • Better reliability (acquittal(payment) of messages)
  • Better guarantee of availability (possibility of creation of clusters)
  • Support(Medium) of the high availability at the level of connectors
  • Interface of integrated administration
  • Etc.

As a supplement to other numerous novelties:

  • Auto-supervision of all the modules Vigilo
  • Encryption of the connections FTP in the connector-ftp
  • New features of hypervision
  • Plug-in of synchronization LDAP
  • Etc.

The Enterprise version brings in addition:

  • New one modulate SSO,
  • An Integration of VigiBoard with the management of ticket GLPI,
  • An installation of the module Reporting easier(more well-to-do),
  • Etc.

This new version signs the age of the maturity for Vigilo, solution of supervision open-source(open-spring) for the big systems.