To ensure the success of your project, the deployment of your NMS must take into account the specificity of your environment. The planning phase is crucial to a successful deployment. Thanks to our experience as an integrator, we can assist you in this planning phase. In collaboration with your teams, we work on your security architecture, your monitoring strategy, your deployment planning and timing, the resources needed for this deployment as well as the operation of your NMS, etc.

To support you in this PLAN phase, we offer you:

  • Introduction to NMS deployment issues
  • Analysis of the need and your environment
  • Definition of a monitoring policy
  • Assistance in architectural design
  • Implementation of the deployment schedule
  • Training of operating teams


In the form of assistance or in "turnkey" mode, we accompany you during the deployment phase of your NMS. By using CS for deployment, you have a single point of contact for editing and integrating your NMS. Our integration teams work in close collaboration with our development teams, which ensures you an optimized configuration of the product. You benefit from the know-how of a major integrator of critical systems.

A support panel is available:

  • deployment of a POC (Proof of concept)
  • deployment of an operational prototype
  • deployment of a pilot and assistance for generalization
  • full deployment of your turnkey NMS


The Run phase is crucial to the successful implementation of your NMS. What is the point of identifying attempted intrusions if no one is responsible for countering them? Thanks to our NOC, hosted in the Paris region or via our MSSP partners, we can offer you a managed security service adapted to your needs:

  • Remote monitoring of a Vigilo NMS architecture deployed on your premises (your data remains at home)
  • Monitoring of a Vigilo NMS architecture deployed in our DataCenter
  • Deployment of Vigilo NMS in the cloud and remote monitoring
  • Definition of a service catalogue and associated SLAs


CS offers various training on the product Vigilo NMS :

  • Administration: Installation, deployment and configuration of the NMS Vigilo
  • Operation: Training in the daily operation of the platform to supervisors and analysts.
  • Handling and configuration of modules supplied by Vigilo NOC


Managing an NMS on a daily basis can be complex for teams with no experience in this field. Through the Serenity service, Vigilo supports you in getting started with your NMS. Initial operational training is organized, then several meeting points are planned throughout the year during which we assess your deployment and the difficulties encountered. We assist you in setting up the system, creating new correlation rules and taking new equipment into account.


Our team of experts can assist you in the event of an incident in order to resume your activity as soon as possible. Crisis management, in the event of a serious incident on your information system, requires multiple skills and resources that are not necessarily available in your company. This service provides you with dedicated support in the event of a serious incident on your system. Beforehand, we assist you in the implementation of a crisis management plan and we design with you the procedures for recovery on failure. In the event of an incident, our Vigilo NMS teams can also help you face difficulties and organize the recovery of your activities.