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Industrial systems are gradually migrating to standard TCP/IP technologies. While the heart of the control systems and their TBDs still remain proprietary, they are connected to standard information systems that serve as an interface to the outside world. These information systems, often compartmentalized and highly secure, constitute one of the links in the steering chain and therefore require effective monitoring.


  • Overall monitoring of traditional IT infrastructures as well as more industrial infrastructures including SCADAs.
  • In nuclear power plants, for example, respect the boundaries between different zones with different security levels.
  • Ensure interoperability between different platforms.
  • To have solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of industrial systems and platforms that are far removed from those of data centres and "standard" companies


  • Vigilo NMS is a solution developed and maintained in France.
  • The Human Machine Interface, supports and documentation are available in French.
  • Vigilo is a very modular NMS solution. It is able to adapt to decentralized architectures around its AMQP secure bus
  • Vigilo NMS is based on several high-performance open-source components and provides additional performance improvements that give it an optimal hardware resource/performance footprint that allows it to be deployed in constrained environments.
  • Several Vigilo deployments have been carried out in partitioned environments with proxy, firewall and diode passage. These are technologies mastered within CS teams.
  • The use of SNMP and AMQP standards ensures Vigilo NMS a high level of interoperability
  • CS has been working for many years in the energy sector (CEA, EDF, etc.), both in their infrastructures and in their security constraints. Thanks to this particular know-how, we can effectively support you in the implementation of your NMS infrastructure.