Cybersecurity is a national issue. States have become targets of terrorist movements whose offensives can bring an entire country to its knees. It has become essential for the armed forces to equip themselves with the cybersecurity resources necessary for the defence of the nation.


  • Ensure the availability of all its critical infrastructures from the Military Staff to the theatres of operations.
  • To have controlled and sovereign tools, preferably maintained in France.
  • Deploy supervision tools on different levels of confidentiality capable of traversing areas of trust.
  • Equip yourself with tools capable of high automation for non-specialist and multidisciplinary personnel.
  • Ensure the interoperability of its systems with the rest of the administrations.
  • Acquire tools capable of being deployed in highly decentralized environments.
  • To have service and support offers capable of understanding the Defence profession and possibly intervening in classified environments.


  • Vigilo NMS is a solution developed and maintained in France.
  • Prelude's HMIs are available in French.
  • As a historical integrator of the Defence sector, CS has a deployment and support team familiar with the military world, some of whom are qualified.
  • The Human Machine Interface, supports and documentation are available in French.
  • Vigilo is a very modular NMS solution. It is able to adapt to decentralized architectures around its AMQP secure bus.
  • Vigilo NMS is based on several high-performance open-source components and provides additional performance improvements that give it an optimal hardware resource/performance footprint that allows it to be deployed in constrained environments.
  • Several Vigilo deployments have been carried out in partitioned environments with proxy, firewall and diode passage. These are technologies mastered within CS teams.
  • The use of SNMP and AMQP standards ensures Vigilo NMS high interoperability.