Become a partner

CS continues to strengthen its partnership policy in France and abroad with a brand new program reviewed and adapted to the needs of its partners.

Three types of partner programs are currently available.

VAR - Integrators

With expertise in cybersecurity, you want to offer the Vigilo NMS solution to your customers. We offer you to support you to increase your skills on our solutions as well as in the promotion of Vigilo NMS to your prospects.

The partnership between var - integrators :

  • Access to the partner area of the Vigilo NMS support site
  • Provision of an NFR version for your demonstrations and internal training
  • Priority access to the latest Vigilo NMS versions
  • Provision of our marketing and sales material
  • Training program or self-training
  • Assistance in the implementation of your customer POCs
  • Support and documentation in French
  • Reactivity capacity of the support team
  • Strong ability to adapt the product to existing product environments
  • etc.

MSSP - Operators

You want to offer a managed security service to your customers. You have or will set up a SOC infrastructure and are looking for a solution that can provide all the necessary functions for this service.

Among Vigilo NMS's MSSP capabilities:

  • Multi-entity management
  • Fine management of access rights and permissions
  • Ability to define multiple configuration profiles
  • Clear and customizable report editing and programming
  • Variety of available architectures: centralized, distributed, remote, etc.
  • Possibility of automation and notification
  • Possibility of deporting different monitoring screens in "read" mode for the customer
  • PDIS compatibility in terms of functionality and architecture
  • etc.

Training centre (Private / academic)

You want to train your students or interns in intrusion detection using a tool that implements the domain's reference standards.


  • Provision of a course to set up a NMS (Putting it into practice with Vigilo NMS)
  • Provision of a course and TP environment
  • Provision of a course on standard cybersecurity formats (IDMEF, IODEF, CTI OASIS, etc.)
  • Support during the training


  • Provision of a course on intrusion detection (TP with Vigilo OSS)
  • Provision of an IDMEF course
  • Provision of a pre-configured course VA
  • Provision of TPs
  • Possible intervention of our trainers at an "education" rate

Feel free to contact us for more information on this subject: Partnership