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Cybersecurity is now a central issue for financial institutions. The increase in computer attacks against banks represents a significant risk, both in terms of reputation and compensation costs. After targeting customers and dematerialized banking services, hackers are now attacking employees using techniques such as targeted phishing to organize data extraction. The implementation of an effective means of detection has become an economic priority.


  • Be accompanied by a partner who knows the specificities of banking networks.
  • To have solutions capable of managing very large fleets.
  • Supervise dematerialized service platforms.
  • Ensure a high availability rate of information systems and have failover processes in place.
  • Anticipate changing needs (capacity planning) and bottlenecks.
  • Monitor and ensure SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • Manage a large number of access points (sites and agencies).
  • Ensure the speed of transactions
  • Monitor the bandwidth of the many interconnections


  • CS has extensive experience in the monitoring of financial institutions. It is in this area that the first Vigilo NMS deployments were carried out
  • Vigilo NMS is currently deployed in fleets of more than 25,000 equipment, 15,000 branches and nearly 300,000 unit tests.
  • Vigilo NMS offers all the functionalities necessary to comply with ITIL processes
  • Vigilo NMS has investigation and anticipation tools as well as a reporting module for trend analysis
  • Vigilo NMS supervises network throughputs but also equipment, servers and applications
  • Vigilo NMS is a highly modular solution that can be adapted to many contexts, including banking networks
  • Thanks to these numerous APIs, Vigilo NMS is easy to integrate into an existing operating environment by interfacing with your historical tools such as your inventory or your ticket management system