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Like private companies, the efficiency of the Administrations is today linked to their information system. The dematerialization of administrative procedures and the progressive automation of processing have multiplied the number of systems and connections that are potential points of unavailability.


  • Budget control through the use of alternative solutions
  • Compatibility of solutions with the administrations' open-source eco-system
  • To have solutions capable of managing large and highly decentralized fleets.
  • Respect for open standards
  • Customization and adaptation
  • Interfaces, documentation and support in French
  • Support services covering all phases of the project


  • Proven alternative to traditional vendor solutions on the market
  • Vigilo NMS is based on reference bricks from the open-source community
  • Ability to manage very large volumes around a modular architecture and an application bus
  • Vigilo NMS is based on domain standards: SNMP, AMQP, HTTP, SSL, etc.
  • Vigilo NMS is designed to interface with existing tools and has many customization options
  • Vigilo NMS is developed and maintained in France
  • Vigilo NMS services cover all needs from planning to operation