Vigilo NMS is a French NMS (Network Management System).

It is a performance monitoring software. Its modularity and design allows it to address medium-sized to very large systems. Vigilo NMS offers all the services necessary for performance supervision : status supervision, mapping, correlation, metrology, reporting. In a market dominated by very monolithic and poorly adaptive solutions, Vigilo NMS stands out for its ability to adapt and integrate into diverse environments. It is the ideal solution for CIOs looking for a complete and powerful tool that will adapt to their needs.

Ensure the monitoring of your performance

Vigilo NMS allows you to monitor the performance and availability of your information system. Designed for medium to very large systems, Vigilo NMS offers you all the necessary features for optimal supervision. Modular and customizable, it is the essential tool to anticipate malfunctions and corrects them quickly.

Interface Vigilo NMS network monitoring software

"Two main criteria led us to choose Vigilo NMS after extensive market research. Vigilo NMS is based on open source components that share certain characteristics. The application is very modular and customizable which has allowed us to adapt it to our environment. At the same time, Vigilo NMS offers all the necessary functionalities for a professional NOC capable of managing several tens of thousands of devices. To our knowledge, it is the only solution on the market that meets these two criteria."

Operations Manager

Banking sector