VIGILO | Performance Monitoring

Vigilo is a performance monitoring software. Its modularity and design enables it to be used on medium to large-sized computer parks. Vigilo provides all the necessary services for performance monitoring: state monitoring, mapping, correlation, metrology, reporting. In a market dominated by monolithic and non-scalable solutions, Vigilo stand out with its adaptive capacities and to integrate various environments. This is the ideal solution for CIOs looking for a complete and efficient tool that will be able to suit their needs.

VIGILO displays as a tray of alarms and maps, the performance state of your information system. Thanks to its correlator, it enables data intelligent processing to ease understanding and exploitation of raw data. VIGILO alarms you in real time when a problem occurs on your network.

With graphs and reports, this module enables to analyze and compare the dataset. It is therefore possible to make trend analysis, capacity planning and SLA calculations. The reports can be exported to MS Office formats for distribution. Thereby with VIGILO, you can anticipate availability problems.

All data is stored centrally for a configurable period of time. Hence, you can access the root causes of an incident and also monitor the evolution of your performance over time. This historic also allows you to understand the recurring incidents and correct their cause.